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Our Liquidation department is one of the largest on the East Coast. After our highly trained staff dismantle and remove all of a client's existing office furniture and equipment, they will leave your site broom clean. This will all be done under the watchful eyes of a dedicated and experienced project manager.

Business Asset Relocation (BAR) strictly adheres to the "Green Standard's" code of industry leading sustainable measures, policies, and recommendations in the recycling of all liquidated furniture and materials received from our client's work sites.

BAR believes in not only supporting green efforts but also in giving back to the community. Rest assured knowing that before we recycle any product we first try to match available product to the needs of charities/non-profit organizations in our area. After the donation of goods, only a small amount of product is then needed to be recycled.

We have donated and/or recycled millions of square feet of product.
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