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Located conveniently in Newark, NJ, our storage facility boasts more than 70,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, temperature controlled, fully secured, storage space.

We specialize in the storage of:

  • Office consolidations
  • Asset Management and offsite storage for business' excess equipment and furniture
  • New furniture, fixtures, equipment (for clients waiting to occupy new office space)
  • High-value products
We utilize the most advanced inventory tracking management system.

Once your product reaches our warehouse, it is inspected, photographed, bar-coded and then input into our computerized database to be inventoried.

Using our web-based information system, our clients have access to their inventory online, 24/7. The system allows our clients to instantly pull up a full inventory of all their products or just one specific item.

Our warehouse is available for both long and short-term storage needs and our space is designed to handle daily deliveries, both large and small.
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